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Richmond electrical installation

Richmond electrician

Richmond Electrician

Reliable Richmond Electricians

When you need a reliable Richmond Electrician, call Trademark Services. We provide a wide variety of quality electrical services for light commercial and residential projects.

You need to be able to rely on your electrical system to be safe and to perform as it should. This is why our electricians stay up to date on training and are experienced, licensed, and insured.

We offer more than 20 years as a reputable, local company. We would love to be your go-to electricians whether the job is large or small.

Expert Electricians Serving The Greater Richmond & Petersburg, VA Area

electrical repair

Electrical Repair

It's important that you can trust electrical repairs to be done right. Mistakes could put the system at risk for shorts, shock, or fire. Our professional electricians have the experience and advanced tools to troubleshoot the problem and get it fixed right. Whether you need repairs on the lighting, electrical panel, wiring, home generator, or something else, our Richmond electricians can get it done right.

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vacuflo central vacuum system

VACUFLO Central Vacuum

Our whole-house central vacuum system offers exceptional cleaning power, convenience, and an advanced filtration system. It is so convenient to keep the mess at bay without having to fight electrical cords. The system is tucked into the wall and comes with options such as retractable hose, quality quick-clean accessories, and the best warranty you can get. The system is adaptable to meet your needs.

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panel upgrades

Panel Upgrade

Your electrical system depends on the electrical panel. This is where the breakers are housed and all the wires run through from the service provider. It's vital to upgrade the electrical panel when it is no longer up to code. Old electrical panels often have trouble keeping up with current power demands of today's households and businesses. Frequent surges, shorts, and sparks are common problems on old electrical panels.

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Home Generators

Whether you need electrical repair for your generator or are interested in installing one, we are ready to help. Your backup generator will make the difference when the power service goes out. There are many options for a new generator installation. You can choose a whole-home generator or a smaller unit that only powers only what you need. Let's discuss your particular backup power needs. Call today.

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surge protection

Surge Protection

With a Surge Assureā„¢ protection system, everything can be protected. Surges can burn out everything plugged in including appliances, every electronic device, and an entire circuit line of wiring. Protect all your assets with our whole house surge protection system. It can be installed directly into your main electrical panel, coaxial cable line, phone line, and outside for HVAC, pool equipment, & generators.

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electrical inspections

Electrical Inspections

Electrical safety inspections are important to ensure the electrical system meets current safety code standards. A certified electrical inspector is often hired to examine and document the condition of the electrical system when buying or selling a property. It should also be done about every ten years on a home and five on a business or rental property. Call Trademark Services for an electrical inspection.

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